FAQs for Seniors

Below are some of the regular questions from teams wishing to play for Suburbs New Lynn Cricket Club.  Hopefully, your questions are answered here, otherwise feel free to contact manager@suburbsnewlynncricket.com

Are there any discounts? 

Suburbs fees are already some of the lowest in Auckland, so generally we don’t offer additional discounts.  We do supply a discount for team registrations

Does the fee cover the entire season?

If you are registering from the 29th November 2023 onwards, you are registering for the Post Christmas part of the competition. You may start training earlier, but games will not start until January 2024

When we pay and register, do you need any further details from our side; like player names, etc?  Should we sign up individually or as a single team?

There is now an option to sign up as a team. If you have queries in regards to this please email manager@suburbsnewlynncricket.com

What will the club provide us upon registration?

On registration the club will pay all team affiliation fees to ACA. We will provide all match balls.

You also get 90-120 mins use of the indoor centre each week (availability allowing).

Plus the Club will provide a gear bag which will include at the minimum:

  • 4 Stumps  
  • 3 bails 
  • Wicket gloves 
  • If availability allows we will also add pads as well.

Please note we do not provide scorebooks as (as per ACA’s request) we are encouraging all to score online at CricHQ this can be done on i-pads or phones (please note the club does not provide these).

What is our home ground? 

Ken Maunder Park, 34 Binsted Road, New Lynn.

Are there any catering options for lunches?

For home games, the club offers (at your cost) Subway meals. Please notify the club manager if you wish to take up this option.

Which team will I join?

You may have a team you have already joined, in which case please provide us with the team name. Alternatively if you wish the club to allocate you to a club team please let us know this as well.

At what stage will we get to know the grade we will play in?

We will always do our best to get you in the grade you want, but the final decision is Auckland Cricket’s and depends on the number of teams entered for the season. 

Please note that NO club, other than the one the team was registered with last year can make any guarantees.

For Senior One Day Grades:

  • At the end of last season, two teams (highest two teams) are promoted and two teams are relegated (lowest two-teams)
  • Note as per the One Day Forum the number of teams who get promoted or relegated was increased to two, this is reflected in the General Playing Conditions.
  • The club has first right to the spot their team earned from the 22/23 season
  • If the club cannot fill that spot, it will then go to a new club/team.
  • If you have a new team entering or a team that has changed clubs, please enter their requested grade via our team entries, and we will try and place them as close to possible as wanted, however, cannot promise, effectively they will be granted the ‘next spot available’.
  • If you have a new team coming in and an old team going out, the new team can replace the old team and their spot, as long as they are from the same club. 

Essentially, only teams returning (for the same club) have a guaranteed spot in their grade as per last season, and we will work with all new teams or teams who have changed clubs to get their desired grade, however, cannot promise.

Note final grading is subject to ACA and will be confirmed in September.

Can we pay in instalments? 

With the new PlayHQ system, all players must pay at time of registration.

If you are signing up as a team, then a single invoice will be sent to the Captain or Manager of the team.

What playing options are available?

  • Grade cricket – all formats, mostly Saturdays from 11.00am
  • One Day grades – Saturdays from 12.30pm onwards
  • T20’s
    • Saturday from 3.15pm (more competitive)
    • Sunday from 3.15pm (more sociable)
    • Presidents Grade (over 40’s) T20 Sunday afternoons.
  • Premier & Premier Reserve Women – Saturdays T20 & L/O from 12.30pm


Post Xmas Membership Fee (GST Inclusive)IndividualTeam Pricing
Premier Squad incl Reserves $200
Women’s Premier Squad$140*
Wommen’s Sopcial Grade$100*
Two-Day Grades$180$1550
One Day Grades$150$1250
T20 Saturday or Sunday$100$1000
Half Season T20 Grade$100$1000
University Students playing grade cricket$140
Secondary School Leavers playing senior cricket$140
University Student Playing Male Premier Cricket$160
Youth Development Path$100

*All women to receive a 50% discount off full registration fees.