Management Committees & Office Holders

Life Members


S. Davison 

Post – Amalgamation                     

1975 – C. Adams

1987 – A. Panther, R. Southgate

1990 – I. Donnelly, L. Lainchbury  

1992 – B. Howard, Mrs B. Howard

2000 – J. Worrall 

2004 – R. Williams

2006 – D.Simmons 

2011 – R. Hick

2012 – A. Eade

2018 – A. Cook

2021 – J. Nolen

Roll of Honour

E. Benton, J. Bindon, V. Brooker, S. Dell, R. Dunne, R. Gibson

A Jones, W. Heard, K. Kealy, R. Kealy,  M. Lewis

E. Marinovich,  B. Norman, E. Parsons, W. Putt, A. Richards

B. Sorenson, Mrs B. Stockwell, E. Thompson, C. Wright, P. Guptill


Andrew Cook 

Deputy President

Reece Young

Club General Manager

Kate Hillier-Cook


Chris Woods

Vice Presidents

D. Cameron, M. Oxley, D. Rollinson, G. Ross, J. Taylor, K. Barry, B. Good, J. Bell, R. Young

Executive Management Committee

Kate Hillier-Cook (Club General Management), James Nolen (Chairman), Chris Wood, Michael Barry, Russell Hewage, Chris Woods, Tim Elliott, Logan McDougall, Malcolm Greenstreet, Chandra Patil, Natalie Nelson

Junior Cricket Committee

Natalie Nelson (Chairperson), Steve Pickett, Oliver Tait, Andrew Bardey, Brendon Muir, Paul Rowe, Ryan Hibberd, Ram Natarajan, Paul Hydes, Ashwin Ranchhod

Coaching Staff

Ryan Hibberd (Junior Coach Development Manager), Sahil Mehta (Junior Club Coach), Michael Barry (Premier Squad), Trevor Payle (Womens Cricket Development Manager and 3rd/4th Grade)