Player Statistics

Huge Upgrade to Club Player Statistics – Suburbs New Lynn first cricket club in NZ to have career statistics for all players

Over the winter months Club Historian Andrew Eade has completed a major upgrade of the club’s statistical database. The statistics from all 51 Annual Reports (and CricHQ/PLayHQ) have now been loaded into a database so there is a statistical  profile for every player who has represented Suburbs New Lynn over the last 51 years.

Batting, bowling and catching are all featured in the attached documents. They are also presented in alphabetical order so it is easy to find yourself and any friends you may want to check out. For those still playing you may find you are close to a milestone which could provide a great goal for this coming season.

Batting and Catching Statistics

Bowling Statistics

Leading Performances

Some things to note include

  • To make the Batting file manageable we have only included players who have scored at least 200 runs or had 20 innings over their career. There are over 1000 players who have done that.
  • Likewise with the Bowling file we have only included players who have taken over 10 wickets. Again this is over 1000 players.
  • All figures have been drawn from Annual Reports and CricHQ/PlayHQ. They are only as good as the figures provided each season so there will be gaps, but overall they provide a great picture of players careers at Suburbs.
  • People still playing are shown in red. Those who have retired are in blue.
  • The master file will be updated each season so if you haven’t yet reached 200 runs or 10 wickets that is something to aim for.

We recognise that some members may have queries regarding their statistics or other questions. Andrew Eade has indicated he is happy to answer any such queries and he can be contacted at