Level 3 Stage 1 COVID update 8/10/21

Thank you for your patience waiting for an update on how the 3 stages introduced into Level 3 will affect our cricket season.  We know how keen you (and the club) are to start playing cricket, but it is really important that we take the appropriate time to interpret government and medical rules and provide advice accurately.

As a community cricket club, our members, club community and whānau are at the heart of everything we do. With this in mind we wanted to provide you with an update to provide some certainty and explain Suburbs overall approach to the months ahead, working within the Covid restrictions. More specific communications will be distributed as soon as updates occur.  We realise that this is a stressful time for all our members and the Club wants to support you as much as possible through these difficult times.

We will do all we can to ensure that you can enjoy training and playing for as much of the summer as possible, while at the same time making sure we abide by all the health and safety regulations.  We also realise that our members may have differing levels of comfort within the government mandated rules, so we would like to stress that there is no pressure to play or train. The club and Auckland cricket will provide cricket training and playing opportunities, but we will respect the decisions of people who have a more cautious approach – our priority is the safety of our club members and community.  SNLCC supports vaccination, and whilst there is no indication that this will become mandatory, we do believe this is one of the tools that is available to help the return of playing cricket in a safe manner so we would encourage all members to get vaccinated.

Registration and fees

Friday 15th October (next week) is the deadline for SNLCC to enter teams into the Auckland Cricket Competition. Given the current situation we understand people’s hesitancy to register as no one is sure how much cricket there will be. However, we are encouraging people to register now, so that when we do start playing, we have the right number and grades of teams registered.  To provide you with more comfort around registering SNLCC Exec Committee have approved the following two policies:

  1. Register now and pay once the season start date is confirmed. That way we can estimate team entries more accurately while you don’t have to pay until we know what the season looks like.  If you are keen to take up this option, you should register as usual, and when you are asked for payment, state that you will pay by bank transfer (click the tab at the top) this will allow you to complete the registration process, and we can organise payments in the future. 
  1. Refund policy – We are amending our refund policy to be as fair as possible to members. If we lose any playing days to Covid your sub will be refunded on a proportional basis at the end of the season. Full refund policy will be posted on the website.

Training and preparation

Many of you are keen to get out and start training, however the exact position regarding training for cricket under Level 3 Stage 1 was unclear. We therefore sought clarification from Auckland Cricket as to what is possible, their response is shown here:

While Stage 1 of the Government’s roadmap sees minor changes to L3, Sport NZ has provided guidance to what is permissible regarding sport and recreation. Sport NZ’s guidance:

Overarching message: Where there is doubt or confusion about interpreting the rules people should favour the safer approach as we are still in Level 3 and that is the intent.

Auckland Cricket Guidance for Level 3 Stage One:

  • Public outdoor nets and artificial pitches are open but only for activities that meet the government protocols (no competition play) and all indoor venues must remain closed.
  • Do not share equipment, and no gatherings of over 10 people.
  • You can partake in a live net situation if you are with people from your bubble or household whilst maintaining a 2-metre distance from those not in your bubble/household.
  • You can partake in an organised fitness session (i.e., yoga, running, bootcamp – not cricket activity) of up to 10 people (including the trainer) from different households as long as you keep 2 metres and do not share equipment.
  • The only time that you can partake in a net situation (i.e., throwdowns or batting training) with people from outside your household is when it is in a one-on-one capacity with a professional coach and the batter hits the ball back to the coach with their bat (and maintains a 2-metre distance and does not share any equipment).  
  • Bowlers can bowl in a net situation with others from outside their household but must maintain a 2 metres distance from anyone else, not share a ball (or any other equipment) and there must not be a batter (unless they are from the same bubble as the bowler).
  • A coach can run a cricket session with more than one player as long as all players are from the same household, the coach does not share any equipment with the players and keeps a 2-metre distance at all times.

We understand that there are numerous different complexities in cricket, and if you are in doubt or it is not covered in the above, we encourage all people to favour the safer approach and all guidelines as issued by the government.

If you have any questions about your club’s policy or registration, please reach out to them, and you can find their information by visiting

Link to Government Covid 19 page –

Further to this the club would stress that it is extremely important that the use of nets is not abused.  If others are waiting (from a socially distant area) please use the nets for a maximum of 20 minutes.

When team training does commence it will need to be outdoors only and with a range of safety protocols in place. As and when Auckland moves into Level 3 Stage 2 and then Level 3 Stage 3 what is permissible will change and we will advise accordingly. We ask for members patience as we do this as we obviously want to start training as soon as possible but we do need to ensure the government rules on health and safety are observed and we make sure our members feel safe.

Season Start

The earliest the playing season can start will be under Level 3 Stage 3 and Auckland Cricket is factoring in a minimum of two weeks at Level 3 Stage 2 before that.  During that two-week lead-in period players can train and get ready for play so as to minimise any risks of injury etc. SNLCC will be following Auckland Cricket’s guidelines as they are released in this regard and will communicate as soon as we know more.

I suspect this information answers some questions and raises more!  Please do understand that the safety of our club members balanced with the desire to play cricket is paramount to the Club.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, and please keep an eye on your inbox and our Facebook page for further updates.

We look forward to a great summer of cricket and celebrating our 50th Anniversary in style!