2021 Indoor Competition (Individual)

  Individual Registration Form  

  • Senior competition beings Friday 28 May and Juniors on Sunday 30 May.
  • Juniors = $50 per player for all 6 weeks.
  • Seniors = $12 per game or $60 for all 6 weeks if paid in advance of the tournament.
  • NO PAY = NO PLAY (players must have paid before any game can begin).

If the player registering is under the age of 18, then a parent or guardian must supply contact details:

    Please note that no children under the age of 15 are to be left unattended at the Indoor Competition – this is not a babysitting service.  If you are unable to stay, then please make arrangement with another parent/adult staying on site for them to keep an eye on your child. 

    SNLCC manages the competition only, not those taking part.

    Bank Account: Ken Maunder Park Community Trust 12 3045 0360919 00.  Please use the player’s name as the reference.  Accepted payment methods for payments on the night: Eftpos + Cash.  Costs are shown above.